Award winning wedding photography

by Larry J Foster, PPA certified photographer

larry-j-foster.jpg Photography is my life. Ok, maybe thatís a bit of an overstatement, but itís close. I have loved photography since my first camera at the age of eight. I built a darkroom in my house while in the 7th grade. I won several awards during my junior high and high school years photographing for student newspapers and yearbooks. I actually photographed my first wedding in 1981 and went into a partnership/photo studio in 1982. The business partnership didnít work out and I returned to working in a photo lab. I started this business in 1987 and would go full time two years later. I intended to pursue commercial photography - photographing things rather than people. Some friends asked that I photograph their wedding. That of course led to another and another. I decided that if I was going to photograph weddings, I should learn how to do them correctly. That led me to the Wedding Photographers International Convention in Las Vegas. There I learned from internationally acclaimed wedding photographers Monte Zucker, David Ziser and Dennis Regis - just to name a few. It was an experience that would revolutionize my career.

Over the years, I would learn from other experts in wedding photography. People like John and Mary Beavers, Hugh Jacob, Hanson Fong, T. Michael Stanley come to mind. Every instructor would lead me to a higher standard and influence my style and approach.

After years of accumulating knowledge, it is my turn to teach. I teach students at my studio, have given presentations to professional photographers in Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma, written articles for industry publications and taught at the Oklahoma School of Professional Photography. In 2007 I became certified by the Professional Photographers of America. Less than 3% of professional photographers will qualify for certification. I have received 25+ awards for my photography including: Distinguished entry ribbon for a wedding album at Southwest Regional competition, a wedding album accepted into the International Exhibition of Photography and the highest scoring wedding album in state competition six different times. In 2015 I recieved my Master Photographer Degree from the Professional Photographers of America.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Southwest Professional Photographers Association, the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma and the Metro Professional Photographers Association. In 2009, I served as the president of the Metro PPA. Memberships donít make you a great photographer - but they demonstrate that a photographer is willing to spend money to improve. Quality is extremely important to me. I can take 10-20 pounds off a person just by controlling how they stand, how they lean and how they are lit. Quality is not firing off thousands of shots at a wedding and hoping that 10% of them are good. Quality is knowing what makes an excellent photograph and consistently applying those principles to every image.

membership logos.jpg, 25kB Find local DJs, Photographers, and Videographers at I run a very personalized operation. When you call, I will be the one answering the phone. I will take your photographs, edit them, correct them and show them to you. I personally oversee every print and design every album. I put 100% of myself into every wedding.

Iím looking forward to meeting you and learning more about your wedding.

220 W Main St, Purcell, OK 405.321.1972

Over 800 weddings photographed since 1989. Highest scoring wedding album at state competition six times. Experience matters.

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